Did I rush into a relationship too fast?
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February 13, 2017

Did I rush into a relationship too fast?

From a female blog reader:

God bless u very well for all this.
My friend celebrated her birthday early December last year in a club.While we were there,i watched how her boyfriend was so there for her,i watched them hold eachoda throughout.. tho i was happy for her,i was moody coz i and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up 2 weeks to her birthday and he started datin som1else barely 1 week after our break up.While at d club,guys were coming around me but I wasn’t in d mood.i was so sad dat i went outside to cry out the pain.As i was outside,one of d guys disturbing me inside came out to meet me.he consoled me n we started talkin.we stayed outside talking throughout.After d party,he wanted to take me to his hotel room but I refused…I told him I wasn’t dat kinda girl.he now droped me at my house himself to make sure i didn’t go with anybody.The next day,he traveled back to abj but we kept talking.he asked me out of which i said yes there n then.we talked for long more dn 7 times in a day n he was soo lively.he promised to treat me better dan my ex..he now invited me to abj for Christmas so dat i can meet his family coz he said he has found a wife in me n no need for long dating(hes d only son tho).I traveled to abj to see him but instead of his house,he put me in a low standard hotel.after we hung out with his friends dat night,we came back to d room and he grabbed me vigorously n started kissing me.Before i knew it,we had gone 3 rounds already,irrespective of d fact dat i was on my period..the next morning he said he has to go to enugu with his cousin so i had no choice dan to go back to PH.(note dat I didn’t see the family again).he paid for my bus fare but didn’t give me any extra money.M now back to ph but the calls have reduced.even wen i call,he doesn’t have anything to say as m d only one doing all the talking.i decided not to call n he hasn’t called either.its been one full week n I’ve not heard anything frm him,meanwhile I always see him online.i liked him a lot more after the sex but i dnt know if hes too busy to talk to me.The worst part is dat valentine is nearby n i dnt know wat to do.My exboyfriend is getting married to his new


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