Dad says my sisters must get married before me
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January 20, 2017

Dad says my sisters must get married before me

From a female blog reader:

My dad wants me to wait for my elder sisters before I get married .
We are 6 girls in my home and one boy who is happily married, am the 5th gal second to the last born and am 21 years. My elder sisters have not been able to find a husband and they are all working and financially stable but no man is forth coming. I have found a serious man who has engaged me and wants to marry me, he came officially to see my parents but my family bluntly refused with the excuse that my elder sisters must get married first. Am really frustrated, I love my man and we want to start our family early, why will my dad tie my destiny because of my sisters. My man said we should ignore my dad and just do a court wedding,but my best friend is advising I get pregnant for my man and my parents will have no choice. I decided to use my friends advise. I was not pregnant but just wanted to see my parents reaction, so I went home and told them I was 2 months gone. I was shocked at my fathers responds. My father said if truly am pregnant he will place a curse on me to die at child birth. I was shocked to the bones and walked out. Please am really frustrated now. What should I do? I really want to get married and my man is the only son and child of his parents and he is also 32 years and not getting any younger. Help me pls.


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