Confused lady: Should I plot my revenge on him?
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April 16, 2017

Confused lady: Should I plot my revenge on him?

From a female blog reader:

Hi.. I was quite pleased when I came across this platform and will appreciate your advice. I have been dating a Nigerian guy for the past one year, after he moved to my country. When I met him, he was living in a 2 bedroom house with like 8 of his friends and we gradually fell in love – or so I thought. Despite me not giving him money, I supported his hustle (I don’t give men money. I have met you when you when you grown, continue surviving they way you were surviving before we met ..but I make a point of not being a financial burden to the man). He’s a web designer and I hooked him up with clients and he started making money and was able to get his own place and has a closet full of designer shoes. So on his birthday, late last month, some girl tagged him on an FB post calling him the love of her life. I confronted him and he admitted he had a girlfriend in Nigeria. I got drunk, cried, nursed my hangover and on the third day I was ready to get on with my life. Fast forward two weeks later, I am driving home – we live in the same area with the guy – and some girl flags me down. I pull over and she begins hurling insults at me asking me what I was doing with her man’s cars so I just drove off!! I thought about that incidence and figured that since I often travel for work and each time I’d travel, I’d leave him my house and car keys, he probably picked up other women and shagged them in my house. I have never felt so hurt and disrespected in my life! Here’s my dilemma, I feel like I should send his Nigerian girlfriend screenshots of our conversations and pictures just to hurt him back but then I think of how heartbroken she’d be and that makes me feel guilty. Should I be petty and forward the screenshots or just suck it up and move on – but still pray his ass gets gonorrhea. Will be tallying your responses, thanks.


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