Confused lady: I married my bestfriend and married trouble
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April 12, 2017

Confused lady: I married my bestfriend and married trouble

From a female blog reader:

Good day everyone, i pray my story get posted on time. It all happened when i taught i got married to the love of my life, my very own close friend, he was so caring and loving, he work as a revenue collector in local government while i work in a bank. I got pregnant and we were so happy but the stress was just too much for me that i do faint and would suddenly found myself in hospital bed. Then i was advice to either choose between my life and my job because the job was so hectic, most times i don’t go on leave because i do used it to write my exam. So i resigned from my bank work due to so much pleading from my mum and hubby (of which i am the only child for her and she is above 60years). We now got married in November 2015, four months after our marriage we had a misunderstanding on a very light issue and the next thing i heard was a big slap on my face and before i could blink my eyes he started beating me black and blue and saying all sort of things like if i want to die i should, that what is my usefulness since i want to give birth to a female child(then i was eight month pregnant). I couldn’t tell anyone about it because he appologised and i couldn’t figure it ‘cos that was the first time. And that was how he continued and my mum do intervene and warn him endlessly. Did i mention that my mum do supply us food stuffs every month end (bag of yam flour,beans,yam, 30liters of palm oil and all sort of things that are cheaper in ibadan) she even supported us with 230k to pay our house rent last year all because she doesn’t want him to have the feelings that he has been overloaded with responsibilty. December 13th was the day God delivered me from the valley of death because he almost killed me just because i told him i was not happy with the way he beat our 8months old daughter and all sort of foul languages he used on her. (That was the 5th time he will beat me )He almost killed me and promise to throw me inside the lagoon behind our house. Some people will say “don’t you see the signs? But i swear that there was no sign at all ‘cos this guy happens to be my friend)Did i mention that my neighbour kept 400k with us and my hubby has spent it and later ran away from the house. I know you will ask about his family but his mum is not an example of a mother because she is in support of the son, infact she messed the whole thing up by calling my neighbour and telling her to arresst myself and my mum that her money will come out. I thank God because with the help of my mum i have been able to pay the lady 330k and told her to hold on for me ‘cos she understands and sees it all. But my problem now is a job, our house rent will expire by the end of this month(360k). To feed myself and my baby has not been easy at all and7 my mum is very broke and yet trying to provide food for me. My baby’s first birthday is on monday and i have got nothing to celebrate for her ‘cos am pennyless. I have OND and in computer science, i am 26years old. Right now he is begging me but i really don’t know what to do ‘cos i can’t take care of my baby alone as i am jobless (he doesn’t have the money yet o)Please help my life as i am so tired to continue this race… this is just too much for me i swear.


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