Check out what they told man who reported jungle justice at police station
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August 25, 2016

Check out what they told man who reported jungle justice at police station

This was written by radio personality Freeze of Cool FM…

My good friend Usoro pictured above, reported a very frightening incident today, that made me further doubt the readiness of the Nigerian police force to protect life! In his own words, “I Saw close to 50+ area boys surround and start beating a lad they were calling thief on Akerele in surulere. Fearing that as the mob grew he may be lynched I drove straight to the bode thomas police station to report the matter. I introduce myself and state the case. First response: “Aaahhh oga that place is not under our jurisdiction”! 😳😳😳😳 So the crime that may cost a young lad his life should continue because the area isn’t under their jurisdiction? Then another asks: “Shei na thief dem dey call am? I respond yes, then he says abeg make them kill am, make them burn am these guys wey dey thief dey snatch bags of people wey dey commot bank don too much make dem for reduce!” 😧😧😧😧😧😧 Dumbfounded and suddenly realizing that I’m living right smack in a country that’s a banana republic I walk away gob smacked! It means if these cops were the ones who caught him they’d have killed him quick! My obviously lost point was how do you prove the young lads guilt or innocence in the midst of a mob? The obvious creed of protection of all lives and the innocence status of an individual until proven guilty is totally lost on our Nigerian police! Now I hear the lad has been killed!”

The crime scene:

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