Boyfriend stopped calling. Should I forget about him?
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April 20, 2017

Boyfriend stopped calling. Should I forget about him?

From a female blog reader:

I really need your help,I need your advice please,I’m a girl of 19,a jambite and a love child as well,I met this guy on social media around 2015,we started as friends and he later asked me out that same year,a friend linked us together,he was cool and gentle,even tho I’m always rude to him,so I started having some kinda feelings for him in 2016,but he never knew not until the day he text me saying “i know I’m too small to win your heart,but i hope you realise how bad I wanted you one day”…. I replied him with’ I love you too’..since that day he’s been calling and texting me,calling me some sort of lovely names, I asked him what he meant by those names and what his mission was,all he said was am I trying to deny him,and I told him i don’t understand him(but I did understand him 100%),but he kept mute,so we automatically started dating,at the beginning it was great but it’s like i am the man and he’s the woman in the game because when he’s at fault,I’ll be the one to apologize,he’ll breakup with me after a lil misunderstanding and will later plead but those things are not my main concern, my main concern is,I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to meet me even though we are in the same city,anytime I talk about meeting,he would stop picking my calls and I would end up begging him for mentioning it,and I love this guy so much,although he can stay a year without hearing from me,he only calls me at his own satisfaction,so I stopped picking his calls and I stopped coming online as well thinking that would make him ask me what i want him to do,but I was wrong,it doesn’t move him,not even his hair,he’s stopped calling me since then and I really miss him,he was the only friend I had,please should I call him to settle everything or I should just forget about his existence? Because I think he’s already forgot about mine. I’ll be expecting your reply,thank you.


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