Boy who advised guys to rape “hard to get” girls claims his account was hacked
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October 6, 2016

Boy who advised guys to rape “hard to get” girls claims his account was hacked

Few hours after teaching guys females-raping methods on Facebook, Tobi Medal, the FUTA student who trended on social media on Wednesday afternoon has backtracked, alleging that his account was hacked.

Recall that after his post went viral, Tobi deactivated his Facebook account and now he’s back, claiming the account was compromised by hackers.

See what he wrote:

I was just in school today going on with my normal life, I was at the school hostel (Akindeko) to charge my phone and take my drugs (the once I was given earlier at the health centre after going to complain about my medical condition) until i got a call from my sister via mom’s phone. First she asked me what’s wrong with me, I didn’t understand, again she asked why would I deliberately get myself in trouble by writing rubbish on facebook, I still didn’t understand, then she said I should check my facebook account.
I immediately rushed to my phone and logged in via free facebook for airtel, and I saw all the whole trending news about a post made with my facebook on a closed group about “rape”. I’m urging everyone to debunk such news as I never made such, my account was hacked into. The last time I logged in was yesterday evening after running out of data. The perpetrators even chat with some of my friends.
I’m a totally gentle and God fearing young man, I’m 20 and i can tell the whole world I’ve never been involved in any sexual assault with any lady, even in school no girl have ever even come into my room since 100level and with full confidence I’ll say any lady in this world and beyond should come out and tell everyone with evidence. I’ve taken proper steps by reporting immediately to the student affairs and I’ve been told to bring a letter of complaints tomorrow. So i urge all my friends and family to relax, it’s all under control. Please no one should call me to ask anything. This is the whole story.

Even his friends don’t believe him:


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