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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

From a female blog reader:
I am super confused and feeling very very stupid already so am ready to take the Insults. I just need to air my mind before i loose it. But pls just add a little advice. I have a guy I have been dating for 10 months now and I love him and he says and acts like he loves me too but cos of previous things he has done, I don't believe him. . He started cheating from the 2nd month or so. Although now he seems to have stopped. He claims he loves me, wants to make amends and wants to marry me.. But the annoying thing is that all this guy does is to ask for money. He asks from his sisters every week, his dad, his friends few times me.. The few times he has asked me I have not given him sha but on my own, when it comes out of my mind, that's when I give him. Not when he asks me.. I have given him reasonable sums couple of times thinking He will start from somewhere and do something no matter how little with it. Then we'll see what God can do... But he has never been willing to do anything. He hates hard work. He acts very daft and super slow.. And am a very fast, hardworking girl who's on the go. He is so unmotivated and lazy yet anytime i want to leave he will be begging me not to. All he thinks about is who next he will beg for money. He doesn't have pride or shame. The latest thing now is that he asked me to borrow his dad money. Don't worry guys I refused. Pls oooo I need a second opinion. Does this guy love me or is he just a fuck boy who will drop me when he has money? Cos i have made up my mind to leave him for good. I just want to know if am to rash or am making a mistake. I love him dearly also but am fed up with mothering a lazy guy who is not showing signs of improving. I have no problem dating a guy who's just starting life as long as he's not lazy and has a vision. There's no way we won't make it. But in him I don't see those qualities. Also, anytime I have a confrontation with someone, he will just keep quite and behave like we are not together for that moment. He can't defend me or stand up for me. And also, he said he doesn't believe in hell and that he acts like the things of God are not dope
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