N448/N450 (updated 20.3.17:noon)
buying/selling naira exchange rates per USD
Tuesday, 14 March 2017

From a male blog reader:
Good work you are doing. I met a lady approximately two years ago, in fact she met me, she came into my life herself ...we got together and I fell in love straight with her. ..she claimed she love me too. But we started having issues when I mistakenly stumbled on her chats with guys one day, she practically cheats with words I was troubled cos I loved her...I confronted her and she apologised, since then its always one ex she still flirts with or another.. She is a virgin, and I accepted her like that.. I am a good looking fine man with advances from many females, but I never cheated her once ..she is serving and I am yet to get a job, even with that I try my BEST fr her...of recent she started comparing me with other guys, she complains I am too possessive and all..she told me about a guy they both shared feelings once, but they are not together..I was off bbm fr a while of late, only to install impromptu and behold the Guy's pix as dp...I confronted her and she deleted me on all social platform straight bf I could say anything... I loved and stressed myself fr this girl ...
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