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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

From a female blog reader:
I have this big man friend who is married that does all kind of sexual rubbish with me but does not give me money . He only spends on me but I don't see the physical cash. I use the latest I phone 7, wear all the expensive wrist watch ,drive good car but I can't brag of 50k in my account. He shops for everything or he will ask me to go to so so so and so place and go pick up all I need, no matter what it is and he settles the bill later . But for cash I have never seen . To send my mum money in the village I have to sell my phone's or any property I have ,but you all know that the value won't remain same . I asked him to start buying my gold but he said he hates ladies who wear gold ,it makes them look demonic. I need physical cash,that is why I can't leave this man,cause I will have nothing to show for it . I can't even steal from him cause all he carries about is atm cards. He know almost all the super market and shops so he goes in anytime,to pick anything and pay later .Please my fellow runs girls tell me how to milk cash from this man because he is milking my blood, I have done all manner of dirty things with him in this my life but nothing to show for it . I need to start saving,I can't be in this business for ever ,I want to settle down Some day and get married with my own children .
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