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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please keep me anonymous. I am really confused abt my husband, we're married for less than a year now. He's dis type dah travels a lot so he's always not around. He tries to be close to me even tho he's far. He calls me lyk always and we chat often too. He showers me with gifts and all that I am so convinced that he really loves me. But the problem I have with him is that he always asks me for nude pictures whenever we're chatting. Asks me to snap and send my boobs and even my pussy. Sometimes, he asks me to stand in front of our mirror naked nd snap. I dont always feeel comfortablewith this buh wen I tell him, he says it's nothing afterall, my body is his nd since he's not arnd to see me, he shud see in picture. Moreover, weneva he's horny, seeing my nudity alone makes him okay. I've been doing this for months now but he's now so addicted. Mornin, afternoon night, he asks me for nudes. Even wen I'm @ work, he tells me to go to the rest room to snap. I'm really sick and tired Tired of this. Plus what if I get him angry someday nd he decides to leak the pictures to the public. Please wat do I do?
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