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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

From a female blog reader:
Good morning please keep me anonymous, I think there is something wrong with me or I need to change my morals. Am 18 thou I look older than my age, I look 23 with a big stature nd a curvy body fine face nd all that.. But I keep losing people who come my way relationship wise, I don't believe in waiting till marriage to have sex but I strongly believe in giving ur virginity to someone whom you won't regret. I lost a relationship yesterday because I refused to open my legs
Nd he believed I was lieing about been a Virgin but i admit I don't look it but then again is it something to lie about.. My friends say I should close my eyes do and forget simply because I cnt count the amount of guy handsome and rich that as come and gone because of sex, I know this generation devalues virgins but am super scared. Do u guys think I should just close eye because my life is becoming about my body and fine face. 
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