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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Upcoming actor Uche Maduagwu inflicted the rage of his followers when he suggested that security operatives should arrest some celebrities for "inciting the masses against the Government."

Maduagwu wrote:
Its high time the DSS started going after all the celebrities in Nigeria who are directly or indirectly inciting the masses against the Government. What is most painful is that they are making baseless assumptions as to the death of a sitting president... Where in the world is that done? Why are you cooking up lies? Why are you telling Nigerians that the president is dead? How much were you paid to destabilize the peace of this nation? Whoever it is out there that is wishing President Buhari dead, will rot in maximum prison...enough is enough! If you won't behave responsibly, then its high time you get invited by the DSS. Henceforth, any celebrity who makes any comments, or statements that is aimed at causing unnecessary panic, or aimed at destabilizing the peace of this nation will be picked up by the DSS. Even if the opposition party is paying you millions of Naira just to lie against the President, can't you "borrow yourself brain?" You hypocrite's... After collecting all those millions, and creating panic in the country, I wonder how you sleep at night, knowing fully well that you were paid heavily to bring confusion into a country that made you what you are today. My annoyance is that all these innocent Nigerians matching side by side with you are not aware of the millions that was wired into your bank account by evil politician's yet, they are following you thinking you are fighting for their course. May the Lord punish everyone who is wishing our President death, your reward is going to be massive in Hell fire on judgment day... If you incite the people against their government, and God forbids, there is war, what benefit is it going to be to you? My fellow Nigerians, before you join any "yeye" celebrity to critisize our President, ask that celeb how many kids has he given a scholarship to in his life? Ask him what humanitarian projects he had personally used his resources to fund? Are these not the same selfish idiots that suffocate us all with their excessive display of exotic automobiles and accessories on instagram? 
Check out the replies he got:
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