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Monday, 6 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
I knew how he treated my best friend, I use to drive her to the hospital after the terrible beating and sometimes rape. I use to borrow my best friend money to feed her children and do so many things for her . I was the one who kept encouraging her to leave the man and start a new life. Until she finally did and started a new life, after divorcing him, she is doing very well now. But after her divorce,I messed up, something led to another and I found myself sleeping with my best friends ex husband, we kept making love until I got pregnant and aborted twice, it was this last one I refused to abort and insisted he must marry me. I don't know what happened to me that I forgot everything my best friend passed through, I was so blinded by his love making and nice attitude towards me, and pushed the blame to my best friend feeling she was the problem. Not until this man paid my bride price and I started seeing what my friend saw, he beat out the pregnancy from me, he even stopped touching me, I will be begging him to get me pregnant but he will be saying my friend was sweeter than me. I have endured domestic violence for 2 years now and the most irritating part is that he is going back to beg his ex wife my best friend. I feel so ashamed of myself because I can't look her in the face. Please I need advise, should I just pack and go or keep trying to make the marriage work?
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