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Monday, 6 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
I'd like to seek your esteemed readers advice concerning my issue. I met a young pretty lady sometime in 2015, she's 23 years now. she was having issues with her boyfriend when I met her. I took her out a couple of times before we eventually had sex. She told me she wanted to have fun with me cos she was horny and hadn't been with her estranged bf for months. From what I gathered, the ex has money and spends lavishly on her. He lives in PH while she lives in Abuja. According to her, she was faithful to him not until she found out he was cheating on her with two other girls. We were having fun, yet our relationship was undefined. I asked her to be my girlfriend but she said I have money but don't want to spend on her. That she can agree to date me only if I begin to spend on her. Truly, I give her money but not as much as she wants. She's very generous to her family members and mostly spends the money I give her on her younger ones who are in school. She travelled out to UK for her masters last year, sincerely, I can afford to take good care of her by God's grace and even sponsor her education but I wasn't really sure if she loved me. Her parents paid her tuition fees which am very much aware of. We had a long talk some days ago, and I told her my intentions towards her. I told her I would love to marry her, but she said she was unsure if she would love to marry me, that am stingy. This is a girl I give money regularly, 20,50, 100k severally. That if I can stop being stingy towards her, she might reconsider. Pls, should I start spending money on her without full assurance she wouldn't break my heart? She also said she would be ready to settle down in 2 years time. That is after her masters and law school. I want to settle down with her immediately after her masters. Secondly, she said she wants to live and work in lagos, cos that's where she can practice maritime law. I live in Abuja and don't see myself moving to lagos anytime soon. Pls, do you think I should start investing on her? She's a really cool girl, very nice girl, 100 yards wife material. Am scared of investing on her and perhaps getting dumped after. 
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