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Sunday, 12 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
This is very urgent for me please and do hide my identity. I recently told my girlfriend that I would be visiting her this weekend (she temporarily stays out of town on an assignment) and she vehemently forbade me from doing so while giving some flimsy excuses relating to accommodation. I intended to lodge in an hotel and at other times stay with some of my friends in the town. Please,isn't my girlfriend supposed to be glad to have me around during the Valentine? I really need your take on this cos I'm getting increasingly tired of the relationship.
Part of my reasons for wanting to visit was to propose to her on Tuesday the 14th but she isn't aware of this and I had already ordered for a ring, now I'm cancelling the order. I don't want to lose my mind over this but I need to know what would've fuelled her actions. Coincidentally, my ex who stays in the same city as me has been so close and willing to make up since these issues started between us a month ago. She's so humble and has everything I need in my woman. I still love her.
Please lend your advise fam.
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