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Sunday, 12 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
My girlfriend likes to play rough play, she will slap me so hard and laugh,sometimes she will bite me and run away laughing . Draw my ears so hard and run away laughing . During sex she will use her teeth to bite my balls and tell me it is painful pleasure,or she slap me when kissing me. I have endured this rubbish for so long and she keeps getting worse . Yesterday was in public when we went out,I was just drinking my beer when she came from my back and gave me a hot slap and started laughing. The slap made crowd turn,that is to show you that it was a serious something . So out of anger and shame, I turned back and gave her 6 hot slaps in public too and started laughing, I calculated past, present and future for her . People came around and I told them that is how we joke, then she started screaming that it's a lie that is how I use to beat her up. I was shocked because I have never raised my hands on her before I was just playing her kind of play with her. I just got into my car and drove off. Please please people do I owe her an apology? It was just play play too. When a woman hits a man, it is joke. When a man hits a woman , it is domestic violence, but you forget that most women are even stronger than men with rough hands like sand paper .
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