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Friday, 3 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
I suffered a severe break up 2015 and dat was when I met dis angel on dis faithful day on my way from work, she is very beautiful and I’m a fair ladies kind of guy so I was attracted to her on spot, I told her about my break up and dis babe showered me with so much love and affection we started dating, we have sex like 4 times almost every day, damn she’s a great fuck (she is insatiable) and she got so obsessed with me, I really liked her but I’m yet to fall in love with her cos I was still broken with my last relationship, she’s always asking where I was, who am I with and all. She is a genius I.T and I didn’t know when she hacked my phone, email, all my social media account
she got in contact with my mother and sister that she is my fiancĂ© (somebody I’ve not even told I love her) she changed my Facebook status to engaged, I was furious when I got to know all she has done and when I asked her about it her response was alarming “you are my soul mate, I love you more dan life, I will die for you, and nobody wont dare to stop me from marrying you or the person will be sorry) I was so scared. I deleted all my social account my email, changed my phone number, request a transfer from my work to another state and I relocated, 6 months after I got a call from dis beautiful devil on my new number and she said “baby do u think you can run away from me?”…..i don’t know what to do, I’m thinking about involving the police but I’m scared dis bitch may hurt me or my family………..i’ll read comments 

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