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Friday, 10 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
I just broke up with my bf few hours ago. My bf lives in Naij and i stay somewhere in Europe. I met him while i was on holiday in England he went to school there. Anyways he got back to Nigeria after he was done with school, last summer. We have been dating for some time now and i feel like this guy is cheating not only that. Yesterday i told him i miss having sex with him and he said i can sleep with someone else, as long i don't like the person. He has been acting werid for some time now, and i feel like he don't love me for him to say such thing. I got really angry and said i don't want this relationship anymore (God knows if it not what he's doing already) i met him summer 2015 started dating weeks later and ever since it's just been of and on. Anytime i go through our conversations we had last i get so angry and i don't know how i feel about him. I truly love this guy but for him to suggest that means he don't love me. Or am i wrong? After im done with school here i want to move to the UK which we planned, he is good to join me. The time he moved back to naij he told me he's is keeping himself for me that i shouldn't hurt him. (Wish i never did) now he is saying i can sleep with the next man?! Fam i was so angry. I told him he doesn't take me serious that i want a man that take me serious was i wrong? This is how i ended this thing. Please post my story wanna read y'all comments 
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