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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
I want to kill myself,but before I do I will like to voice out. My wife infected me with hiv just because I slept with her sister by mistake. My wife had this disease long ago but refuse to tell me,she just avoided me and refused me touching her with no reason,so the devil pushed me and I slept with her kid sister who came for holiday . You all know how the devil works, we did not stop but went deep into it until my wife caught us. I apologized to her and she forgave me,that was the night we finally made love after 8 months. After 3 days she dropped me a note to go run a test but I just ignored it,not until.I had malaria so I went for a lab test and realised I had hiv. I rushed back home to tell her to go check her status but she was laughing ,telling me that she has giving me the freedom to cheat for the rest of my life. But why will she be so wicked because I slept with her sister one last time to say goodbye,and afraid she has The virus too. I want to die,but not until I pay my wife back,but how? I want her to suffer before she dies.
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