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Monday, 13 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please, How on earth does a lady deal with a guy who is annoyingly disrespectful, aggressive, hot tempered and has bad mood swings. He also doesn't see anything wrong with things he does and says when he's angry so he has a problem apologizing. I love him and he loves Me so am not gonna leave him TILL the day he raises his hands on him. He is Also rude and has a huge ego and most times when we quarrel he makes it seem like am the one always at fault.
I don't want to leave him but I want to know how to deal with a choleric since love is about bettering eachother and making each other better.
PS: He's nice and friendly, not stingy and fun to be with till his temperament takes over him
Please, I want you guys to suggest how I can deal with this boyfriend of mine without being too soft or look dumb and stupid such that he would now take me for granted. 
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