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Monday, 6 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
Hi, keep up the great work and God bless you. Kindly keep me anonymous as i just need urgent advice on this situation. I'm a working class lady & doing well for myself, met this guy 2 years ago..never wanted to date him when we first met but he never wanted to give up, always coming to my workplace during break time & after work to pick me up. He gave me all the attention & care in the world so I decided to give him a chance, long story short.. During the relationship I never got a chance to see his home, he'd rather come to my house cos he gave the excuse of accommodating his mom cos she came all the way for his well-being. He had a bad breakup before he met me so his mom is being overprotective, he wouldn't want to bring any girl to his house till he's sure or engaged to her to avoid embarrassment from his mom.. I consented & let it slide even though I had doubts. He made me feel special & always made sure he was there for me so I didn't want my insecurities to spoil that part. Then all of a sudden, he started acting shady & corny.. I broke up with him but he begged me again saying he's confirmed we're meant for each other & he wanted to get married to me, so I accepted again. I asked for his Facebook ID & he lied he wasn't on Facebook cos I searched for him & couldn't find him on there..I believed him, next day I saw a post by you guys about a girl who found out about her boyfriend's marriage via Facebook.. Then jokingly I asked my friend to help me search for him with her account on fb, hoping that's not the same situation I'm faced with. Behold I saw a comment on one of his posts by his wife, I couldn't believe my eyes until I opened her profile & saw photos of their wedding. He was married! For 5 whole years!! I confronted him & at first he denied it wasn't him in the pic, then stopped replying. Two years of my life wasted! If I see him now I'm very certain I'd stab him 216 times, God must punish that Yoruba demon. Been having thoughts in my head on how to revenge so I need advice from the readers before I do something really drastic.
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