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Monday, 27 February 2017

 The list of bizarre things which keep happening and the length to which desperation could lead people to, is just woow.

A man has paid his best friend the equivalent of N120,000 a month to help him impregnate his wife in Tanzania.

Sadly, ten months down the contract, there hadn't been any conception.

 Darius Makambak, 30, paid his best friend, Evans Mastano, 32, KSh 40,000 (N121,760) a month to sire a child with his wife, Precious, 28, because he is sterile.

Mastano, it turned out, was also sterile, though he had two daughters.

Mastano’s wife ended up confessing that he was not the father of their two daughters as they belonged to his cousin.

The matter was brought before a Tanzanian court because Darius wanted a refund. But Evans claimed he did not promise conception, rather an honest try.

The couple slept together a record 75 times, yet, nothing happened.


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