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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

This is really touching. Dearies, please advise her.
From a female blog reader:
My boyfriend follows this page because I ve seen several of his comments here,I still call him my man by faith .
I was with him when he was still using this box television and antenna radio,I was with him when he had his 5inch mattress on the floor,I was with him when I had to wait on Que in a public compound just to poo. I was with him when we trek from his house to school and call it strolling, I was with him when I had to cook in the corridor of his face me I face you and get insult from his compound people. I was with him when he was locked up for stealing 500 naira and was almost sentence to jail if not for my help, I stole my mums money to bail him out,which is the reason why my mum still suffers BP. I was with him during sex,I give it to him raw, even as I sweat and sometimes after sex no water to even have my bath,I just clean up with newspaper,cause we could not afford tissue paper .I was with him when he cheated on me with a cheap orange seller and gave me infection,but I forgave him. Tunde, you blocked me off from your life after you got a job,you disappeared into tin air and abandoned me when u know I had an extra year in school,carrying your baby. I have searched for you but lucky to find you here on this platform,I have gone through you page and I see u are a big boy now. Your son is doing good and he ask of you everyday. What did I ever do wrong, the only thing I did wrong was sleep with that Rich chief to give u a better life and the job you now enjoy, yes I was the one who changed ur life but never wanted you to know about it. I sacrificed my body for us but you betrayed me. I can't take the job from u because u also earned it with ur first class result,I only connected u. I heard u are getting married next month but tunde I will bear my body naked to God and curse you, I will curse you and your generation, I will curse your innocent babies and curse your innocent wife, if you don't do right by me. I will not fight you but allow karma and love fight this battle. Tunde how did I ever wrong you? Is it a crime to love you? Please help me post this, your page is the only contact of him I have, I have also sent him a DM.
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