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Saturday, 4 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please keep me anonymous. I am 23 years old, currently frustrated in love. I finished my nysc last year and and i am currently working now. During my service i was attending a parish close to my house and the first day i went there, there was this guy that saw me and gave me a lift home after church. We exchanged numbers and i got to discover that he didn't live so far from my house, he was always calling me to find out if i was okay, if i needed anything, even the day i was going to kubwa camp, he took me there and dropped me at the gate, he even helped me to carry my load and when the soldiers were trying to ask us to start jumping he just brought out his I.D card and showed them and they let us pass.
While in camp i misplaced my phone and i knew no one there, he didnt even know my platoon or anything but this guy had to call someone that he knew in camp to look for me oh. (hey God, i am shedding tears) That was how this person he sent looked for me and told me that this guy has been worried about me, i was shocked at the extent to which he went just to be sure i was fine. I later got my phone back and we continued gisting. After camp i went back home and was still attending the parish, i had become close to the guy but the devil inside me made sure i frustrated this guys effort. he was ready to spend on me, he takes me to silverbird, shopping malls, market in fact everywhere. The major issue here is that while in camp i met one guy like that and we now started a relationship, i spent a lot for this guy, all my allawee was turned into hotel booking money, this guy would have sex with me oh until i begin to call the names of my ancestors. Always giving me excuse that there was no fuel in his car, and i would blindly pay for the fuel.
Long story short, this guy i met in church now found out about this other nysc guy and didnt complain, infact he was still asking me out, And all the while this church guy never attempted to touch me or make any sexual move, even when the hand of my cloth is falling and my bra is showing he would adjust it for me oh, unlike this nysc guy that would now use the opportunity sto start touching me.
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