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Thursday, 2 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
I wish to share my story and I need an advice...... Am 22 years old, I had a relationship of one year, we broke after having some issues but that's not the problem, my problem is that when I broke up with him, I was chattered, I was down, I didn't know what to do because I love him , then their is this guy who wanted a relationship with me earlier before, we became friends when he found out that I have a boyfriend, he came to stay with me when I broke up because I was so down, one way or the other something happened between us but seriously we didn't have sex because I was still a virgin, I found out I was pregnant earlier this month, he said he don't think he is d father because we didn't have sex but he actually released on me and we did stuff while naked, I went for a virginity test and I was still intact but pregnant, meanwhile during all this I have a guy I was dating on d internet, he base in Germany, he knew about everything (both the pregnancy) and he came back to Nigeria on Sunday which he told me that since the guy responsible for the pregnancy is not ready to take up his responsibility, he want to be d father of the child, but my problem now is that my elder sister say I should flush out the pregnancy or else she will tell my family, especially my dad (he will b so disappointed) ,her reasons is that the guy will live me afterwards, that the guy just want to play me, please sorry for the long write up, someone is in need of advice, should I abort the baby or keep it?
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