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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
My girlfriend always smell my manhood and balls each time we want to make love,before she puts her mouth she will smell and smell until my erection drops. I started getting uncomfortable because she makes me feel very dirty that I scrub and scrub myself before I think of touching her,still she will keep smelling like a pig. One day I called her like my girl to speak to her,but instead of this girl to listen to me and put my feeling into consideration,she told me point blank that I am very dirty and she has been managing me. It was so funny because I have been managing her,her armpit stinks but I never told her for one day,this my girl does not shave,so you can imagine the Sabrina forest under her leg. After she said that I broke up with her but after few months she came back begging but this time it was for me to revenge,I wanted to really punish her. So I accepted her back to my life in pretense that I want her back. I made sure each time she wants me I will go and poo and clean my ass very mildly so that as she gives me BJ she will perceive it, this foolish girl gave me BJ without complain,but I could see her facial expression. Sometimes I urinate and let it drip in my boxers, I will make sure she is on the bed and I will go straight to put my dick straight in her mouth without taking off my boxer, I will just bring it out from that small hole, sometimes I fart when making love to her, all to irritate her. Do you all think I should forgive her ? Because I think she has learnt her lesson,she has become endurance,now am beginning to feel dirty . 
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