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Thursday, 2 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please can I talk to you? My heart is really broken. I am engaged to be married soon but I don't think I should continue. Before our engagement, I went through my fiance ' s phone and saw alot of his sexual excapades.... even how he with some friends pass girls around, organise orgy and all wild stuffs and how they gist about these things and I confronted him with a broken heart and even almost broke up with him and he started begging. I told him to keep those friends at an arms Length but he refused he says they have been friends for so long but instead he should be responsible for his own actions. So we continued to engagement and I didn't bother checking up on him anymore cos I believed but just two nights ago I did and saw just same things as I did the first time and with the same friends,guess because I didn't check his phone since the last time he relaxed and I actually think God has a hand in not making him delete those chats and all.the truth is he is 70% a good
Man but this particular aspect is the most important to me... It makes other good in him very irrelevant.. I can't tolerate a man that wants to sleep with everything in skirt as a husband. Please how do I handle this?
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