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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

From a male blog reader:
People judge if am wicked,enough of this I will swear for you karma this or that.I dated my girlfriend for 6 solid years and the reason for the long wait was because of finance. GOD finally blessed me with a good paying job and I decided to make the next step. So I wanted to propose to my girlfriend on her birthday but I decided to ask her. Baby an engagement ring or a brand new car for a birthday gift ? and she choose brand new car over getting married to me,I felt so bad.she even went as far as saying who ring hep,buy me a car let me pepper them . I just ignored . I bought her the car last week and broke up with her . I used the car as settlement over the years we both wasted our time . I felt bad doing that but I had to because she just made me understand that our relationship was worthless . She has been swearing for me over text messages ,I have blocked her . But she keeps calling my friends and swearing up and down . I really don't get what I did wrong . She was the one that choose a car over me . Will her swear work ? I won't lie am kind of scared,I kept her for 6 years but she is materialistic
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