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Sunday, 12 February 2017

From a female blog reader:
Should I open up to my mum?
I caught my dad kissing my aunt in our house. My aunt came visiting, my mums younger sister. She claimed she had an interview so she was putting up in our house for some time. I came back from school that day and stumbled on my daddy and aunt kissing in the dinning, they did not hear me coming because they were deep into the act, not until I made a sound by clearing my troth so that they can notice me. As soon as my dad saw me he just covered his face so I walked out. My aunt has been wanting to talk to me since then but I just keep avoiding her, not until yesterday, she came into my room to talk to me, I refused to listen and walked out on her to the kitchen to get some water, she followed me and was still trying to talk, so out of anger I poured her the glass of water and slapped her, I think my mum heard the voices and came out, noticed her sister wet, and still holding her face,and I was still holding the glass cup, so she pounced on me and started beating me for disrespecting her sister. I was almost forced to spill but I just held my peace for the sake of my useless father. But I have been restless, pls should I just tell my mum, her own sister is sleeping with her husband under her roof, which is very disgusting. Please I need suggestions on how to handle this .
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