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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"Esther the Wonder Pig" is a fast-growing sensation and already has close to 1 million followers on Facebook.

Read the Daily Mail article about Esther's rise to fame:
Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter from Ontario, Canada, adopted Esther thinking she would only grow to around 70lb, a respectable five stone.

But they were tricked and two-year-old Esther has not stopped growing and is now heavier than a fully-grown female polar bear.
She eats $36 of vegan food each week that’s approximately costing 11,000 naira every week and more than $1800 every year which is about 5.6 million naira spent in feeding alone annually. Esther is living the life that most of us only can dream about.

Esther wasn’t expected to grow this big so it surprisingly made the owners move from the house to the farm so that Esther, their two dogs and two cats will have enough room in the house.

Steve said: ‘Since we moved to the farm she has decided she needs to be close to us and now sleeps beside our bed with her mattress on the floor.

‘She still on occasion climbs up on to our bed for a nap during the day.’

Esther has now found fame on Facebook as Esther the Wonder Pig and has nearly 1,000,000 friends who follow updates on their her exploits. The fans buy her calendar, custom mug with her pictures etc.

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