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Saturday, 28 January 2017

From a male blog reader:
The only reason I won't marry her is because of her sleeping habit . My girlfriend of 4 years has all it takes to be a wife,but her sleeping habit is really irritating. This lady will open all her legs wide,scratch her pussy,smell it,turn scratch her ass,smell it,sometimes she put it in her mouth all in the name of sleep . I watch her do this every day and I sat her down to talk to her but she slapped me that day and saidi I was foolish for saying that . So I had it on camera,but she refused to watch it. Why smell it? And she will want to use that hand at night to touch me.My room smells like pit latrine,if you try to correct her she will be acting up.this is not a joke,it is really getting out of hand and very irritating. I did not even add that she puts all the pillows in the house inbetwen her legs and everywhere will be smelling like dead rat. To worsen it,we live together. 
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