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Saturday, 21 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I'm in a relationship that av lasted for more than 4years n everything has been okay though we av issues but we always find a way to sort it out + he has been patient wit me abt sex and always told he will wait til whenever am ready cuz I was a virgin, tho we had numerous deep romance that makes him cum, not until late last year lost my virginity 2 him, ever since den d love we had for each other had multiply he got over protective of me n all.....not until yesterday that some blackmailers showed me my nude photos on their phone n it was just my boyfriend I send nudes to, I was so broken
that I felt like dying, called him angrily calling him names on phone that how could he be so careless... He said he dashed out his phone to his friend but he removed d memory card on it, and his friend said he also dashed it out to a random girl that the little while he'd used d phone he never came across anything like that, he said he had always deleted my nudes immediately maybe it was hidden on a folder, d blackmailer requested for some cash which was given to them yesterday...now I don't know if they've really deleted it or not or they still have some copies with them n my boyfriend had been apologising since yesterday but I don't know if I can really forgive him, u need 2 see the thugs that called them selves blackmailers having my nudes.....cant even sleep, pls I need your advice thanks.
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