N448/N450 (updated 20.3.17:noon)
buying/selling naira exchange rates per USD
Monday, 9 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Good day everyone! PleAse keep my identity private. I'm a lady in a relationship with a guy and we intend getting married dis year. But I have a problem, my boyfriend is about to start a business and he has been asking me how much I can support the business with, wen I asked how much he is expecting he said 500k, dis is someone I told I earn 40k [not true doe] I just told him 40k so he doesn't start feeling I'm rich. Now the question is do u think I should support his business, I intend giving him 100k to add up to wat he has, but my spirit is not at ease, I really don't want any man to rely on my money, please wat do I do. Should I give him the money because I know he has really spent a lot and he is broke now, doe he has been nice to my family not financially but morally, he hasn't really spent any serious money on me, or should I just move on with my life. Please I'm confused help me guys
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