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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I am a 25 yrs old lady, I got engaged last year and did my introduction December last year.
> Some days to the introduction, my hubby got duped and he lost a lot of money infact all his money . He is not a broke person, it's just that business was not just fair to him that period.
> This man really loves me, he even asked me out for 4 years before I said yes,so after all I put him through , I have decided to be a lovely wife to him. ( we did our court wedding early this year)
> Now the issue is that because of the money he lost , he is not sure of our wedding date for now but we will definitely get married this year and he said I should give him till January ending, so he will know how the year will look like financially, because he is expecting some inflows by the end of the month.
> We agreed to do the white towards the end of the year, and we are both okay with the date, and he is will be okay financially by then, it's just the trad, I am bothered about.
> My family has been asking me when is he coming to take the list, and I am tired of giving stupid excuses. Also he said we can do the trad march this year, now the issue is that what if the inflow does not come in, what will happen . I have enough money to assist him, but I need to know if it's right for me to assist him in buying the material and some things in The list. My parents are willing to do all other things for the trad, except buying what we will wear and the list he will be given.
> I heard it's not right to give a man money, so I am just been very careful.
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