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Thursday, 5 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I'm a lady of 21yrs soon yo be 22 I've been through my fair share of relationships I mean through the good the bad and the ugly.I'm single now I recently ended a relationship of almost 3yrs due to irreconcilable differences.He kept lieing about everything and when I find out the truth and ask him about he would find some excuse abt protecting me and I just couldn't continue like that;I fell out of love for him and I couldn't fake it anymore.I had another boyfriend after but it lasted only about 8wks or so during which time we never met even though we're in the same town....he changed from the doting boyfriend and I stopped asking him what's wrong because I felt he ain't about that life anymore and wen I stopped talking to him he didn't reach out.So that went south.Fast forward to the present I met a guy from the comment session and we started talking he seems really great despite me pushing him away because of the past and fear of getting too attached again only to end up hurt.I've not really accepted him but I'm starting to care about him,a great deal. We're currently having issues because of my attitude one which I taught could be reason for d failure of my past relationships... I nag, practically about everything from my partner pressing the toothpaste tube wrongly,leaving d toilet sit up,not spreading out wet towels,leaving their socks out of the laundry bag almost anything that doesn't sit well with me instead of fixing it which I normally do anyways I'll insist on making a fuss and I'm always quick to apologize which I felt it's like stroking their ego because they stop seeing that my feelings matters too....I'm also over protective of those I love and sometimes I can feel it bothers them,also I'm loyal to a fault once I'm involved but always in distrust of them maybe because of my past experience. Now I want readers to pls help me out I know I'm still young and I've got more things coming my way but is it cool to nag like that?I hurt too when I nag but nobody seems to be getting that... Should I just wait it out maybe God will send someone who will love me past all my dysfunctions? Or should I try and fix things with the person I'm current
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