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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Good evening,
My boyfriend n I have been dating for 2years now and he took me home to meet his parents along the line. I got accepted and became a part of the family. The relationship was a long distance one but i could go over to his parents' anytime cos they felt like mine already and he also met my parents too. But then we'd some issues(trust issues and a lot more tho the basis still being lack of trust n immaturity) that carried over and he eventually broke up about 2weeks ago. I know quite alright he loves me but just couldn't keep up with those things that happened in my past he got to know about. I really do love him too and I've begged him a number of times to get me back and let me try mend things but his mind is made up. I still speak with the family members like nothing ever happened (i don't know if they aware yet but i guess his mom knows). But will it be fine if i go back to his parents(his mum particularly) and explain things to them? I know they might have a different thought about me but i love my man tho my mistakes led him away and i want him back. Pleas advice me, what do i do now? He treated me right and i couldn't have asked for a better man.... attention, affection, cash... he made me lack none. I've been begging him but he keeps saying he's done.
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