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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From a male blog reader:
There's this lady I dated a few years back, when I say a few years, I mean over 7 years ago..I loved her and she loved me so much in return, in fact, Na me do that thing(her first love and first f*ck)...It felt so good and we were happy together, then we had issues and stopped dating... The thing now is I never stopped loving this woman till this moment I'm writing this message but she's married now with a kid.... We came across each other last year, I made my intentions clear to her and she confessed she never stopped thinking about me too... in fact, we have both been admiring each other's pictures on social media secretly... She said she's not anything close to being happy in her marriage that she just didn't have a choice then, that she wishes she isn't married right now that our paths have crossed again.... please advice me fellas, what should we do? Follow our hearts and come together or I should leave her to continue suffering in her marriage while I fantasize about a woman I can never have?
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