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Saturday, 14 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I met this lovely sweet single lady around august last year at the cinemas, we exchanged numbers and got talking.We started getting along really well until She asked about my age and i told her i was 25years old, she freaked out because she has always been with way older guys (30yrs upward), i am probably her first young friend she is getting along with.Although she says i look and act matured. She is 25 years old also, born in the same month also.I really love this girl, we still talk everyday and talk about everything and anything, we act like we soulmates but she says she can never date me.So should i jst continue being her close friend bearing in mind i love her, am attracted to her and each time we talk and see, it feels like i want her around me more, i want to make her happy, want her wrapped around my arms, kiss her softly and make love to her.?or should i just keep my distance so i dont get hurt? keep being her friend and supress my emotions? am just confused...kindly advise
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