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Thursday, 26 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Pls keep my identity anonymous.
I met my bf 4yrs ago, that period I wasn't really into relationship but at the same time I want his full attention.
So we were just there in the relationship for few months then I broke up with him.
We then came back after a year, everything went back to normal, was in love with him, and I know he is too, not until I went for prayers and was told we might not really blend well and might end up having two wives cos he is a Muslim and am a Christian, I then broke up with him, and this time he was really mad at me and I tried my best not to see him.
Two years later has fate could have it we came back together, am in deep love with him I prayed about it again and they said we are compatible, I think the whole prayer thing sef is what u feel and want.
Have met one of his sister's but she only sees me as her brother's friend that actually what he told her, though had met her before we started dating again. I then got to know that he rekindle his love with his childhood lover after 5yrs ,who he told me 4yrs ago he can never forgive her for having him in mind for 2yrs and they even went for vacation last year, according to him, now he realize they can't be together and presently they are not together. But what bothers me is the fact that his parents and families still think they are dating cos they are family friends not as if they linked them up, it was there choice to date. The problem now is he doesn't want to tell anyone in his family not even the sis am close to that we are dating according to him, he wants to keep us low for now , but am too mature for that am in my late twenties though the relationship is just two months but I feel it more like am the side chick and am option B, or am I over thinking? Is he taking is time? Will be reading comments and advice.
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