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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Hello please keep me anonymous.am 24 years old and am about getting married but this marriage is bringing more tears than happiness.i met this guy 2015 through my younger sister,there were friends on Facebook and they exchanged numbers,they started talking and became close but have never met before,so after my Nysc orientation course I came to Abuja to rest then the guy got to know and he decided to visit me,from they he started talking about marriage which he told my younger sister and she said if we love each other we can continue.now,my immediate elder sister who is married is so against the marriage that she is trying to convince my parent from accepting it,according to her it's not right to marry someone who have probably asked your sister out before even if they haven't seen.my mum whom have been in support suddenly said she will never attend the wedding if my sister is not in support.my father who is no longer with my mum said if my mum doesn't attend it's her business.my most eldest sister and close uncle is in support.right now my mother is not talking to me,and she said I should never come to her house that I brought division to her home. the guy I want to marry is the kind of man I prayed for,he loves me so much like I do,but another problem with him is that he doesn't call my family members often which is making my mum more angry. The same guy just got me a job that am starting soon and he support my dreams.pls advice me, did I do anything wrong?, Should I let go of the marriage to make my mum and sister happy.my your sister in question have no issues before but recently started talking to me anyhow.am confused,i have been shifting the wedding since Last year now it's this January and it's making the guy angry because am delaying him. What should I do,make or break.pls I good advice.
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