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Monday, 23 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Am a cute classy lady but I don't understand the kind of men I meet in this my life. The only reasonable men I meet are married men who spend silly on me and I return the favor my pussying them very well. All the single guys I come across has one k leg or the other, either they can't speak good English and rich . Or his broke and good with English . I tried to brush one up, but he collected my money and ran away with his smalli girlfriend . Am only sending this post to clear my conscience , so that any swear this married women want to place on me will not work in my life. Am about to snatch a married man from his wife, the wife is so fat and shapeless, and you all need to see this clean man. He said he can't divorce his wife because her family made him the man he is today but he can take me in as a 2nd wife. But I can't share my man, I want him completely to myself before that woman suffocate him with her fat body, so I have decided to go spiritual . Like use love portion on him but am really scared because the baba said I will have to put something in his food or drink, what if he dies ? Then the baba gave another option that he will put something inside my body , what if I die ? Am really scared of the out come . I just need advise on if this things work or not, before I use my hands to spoil things for myself. I know the ladies will insult me, even those that have lots of men in pad lock. Go on I don't care.
If you give me a good advise I will DM you recharge card worth 10k, as a thank you gift . So be sensible with your advise am paying for it . Thanks .
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