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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I need your opinion about a guy I just met. I have an aunty which has been married for 6yrs now and I'm close to get husband also. I lost my grandfather some weeks back and so every1 who knew him came to sympathize with the family. My aunt's hubby came also but he came with his younger cousin which is 28yrs of age. Though I know my aunt's hubby's blood brothers but it was my first time of meeting this his younger cousin cus he doesn't live in Nigeria. Immidately this guy see me in d space of 2mins when he walked in, he came directly to me and was introducing himself. That was even b4 my aunt's husband introduced me to the guy as the daughter of his wife's elder sister. When they were all leaving, the guy asked for my number in d present of my aunt and her hubby. The guy started asking me out on a date. But it took me 1 week for me to see him cus I want for church camp. But d guy was already acting too serious on phone. I asked him if he had a girlfriend like 7times but he was always avoiding it. Till he later said no. I called my aunt and told her he was asking me out but she told me not to date him cus she sees him with girls and he's already a family so I shouldn't and my aunty calls every day to warn and ask me about him and I don't know why she isn't taking it so lightly. This guy is nice but i see him as a womanizer cus he said he has girls he has sex with but he isn't in a serious relationship and we are already in-laws for him to want to just have sex and go. But I'm scared cus he might have a girlfriend cus when I went though his pics; I saw a particular girl he was dating way back from school.he said they brokeup but they still talk on phone. We have missed and done other things but no sex. Should I give him a try or just end it with him already?
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