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Monday, 30 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Pls post my story and don't reveal my identity pls. There is this guy i met at the club last year march. I was actually with my fren and her guy who happens to be a married man.i went to visit her and we went out.We got talking and we started dating, but i noticed he was inconsistent . He doesn't call or make effort to see me cos i stay in another town , whenever i try to complain he'll give me one excuse, he came to my town to see me and i left my phone with him, i had messages but all the messages were from chykers and i wasnt having anything with them, he saw it and didnt tell me and when he left he stopped calling then later stopped picking up. I tried but since he didn't tell me the issue i assumed he wasn't into me and stopped calling too. He came back after 3months to tell me the issue but didnt still pick up or call me. I still kept my distance but never stopped loving him. After 7months he called that he wanted to spend xmas/new yr with me and i agreed since i still loved him, i noticed that he was alws on his phone, he never spent any time with me, alws out of the room and if i try talking abt us he'll get angry that he doesn't have time for girls and i was fed up and i left but i found out that i was pregnant for him. I tried chatting with him to knw whr i stand and he left my message on read and after two days i sent him another msg tht am pregnant. He feels am a runs gal cos he met me at the club, that was the first and last time i went to club till date. This guy till today has nt called or sent me a message. I feel so bad plus we don't stay in nigeria and am done here and going back to nigeria in two weeks. I love this guy and am loosing my mind, hv nt been able to date any guy since i met him plus he is a yahoo boy. I need advise on what to do.thanks
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