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Monday, 2 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Plz keep me anonymous and plz post as soon as possible. I write with heavy tears in my eyes. I am a girl of 20 and life hasn't been fair on me. I was born with sickle cell and it really affected me when I was growing up both mentally,psychologically and socially. My social life was nothing to write home about. I isolated myself a lot from people. I didn't have friends back in sec.skul because they always have one thing or the other to say about me and my health. I also missed school a lot. My parents didn't help matters too, always restricting me from doing a lot of things. I didn't grow up with people around me,my siblings were all in boarding school while I was at home with my parents. Fast-forward to when I got admission,i tried making friends and changing a bit but my parents took it the wrong way that I was turning into something else,even banned my female friends from coming to see me. I also tried opening up to a few abt my problems and all that but they keep stabbing me at the back. I was even in a relationship but later broke up with d guy because he cheated on me and I refused him sex too coz I was a virgin and will like to keep it that way. He even knew about my health. Right now, I have serious trust issues,i don't know who to trust again. I hardly talk these days. I like being alone. I'm always lonely. Am an introvert too and I don't like opening up to people. My family hardly understands me. People see me as someone who doesn't have a lot of problems coz I smile a lot but the truth is am dying inside. Today am happy,d next minute am sad. I'm OK today, next day am sick. i would do anything to have my freedom too coz my parents don't give me space at all. I need serious help and advice. Is there anyone else with the same problem or am I born to be alone? Am not after any relationship,i just want someone to always talk to,who will understand me. I wouldn't want 2017 to be same as 2016 and that's y I opened up.help me plz
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