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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I had to confide in my friend who took me to her pastor that has been working wonders for her. After my interaction with the man of God, he told me that the reason I don't have a child of my own yet is because I give my husband blow job. The pastor told me that blow job can make a woman barren for life and can also destroy her womb. He asked me never ever to put my husbands penis in my mouth again. Now my home is breaking because my husband can't have sex without a blow job, sometimes I just give him a blow job and he sleeps like a baby. Recently I have denied him blow job for 2 weeks and my home has been a living hell fire for me. The pastor gave me his word that i will take in this year if I stop giving my husband blow job, but he has refused to touch me without a blow job because this is something we are use to.how do I handle this? Listen to the pastor and get pregnant or satisfy my husband and remain childless. I have giving him blow jobs for 4 years and no child, but if I refuse to give blow job he will refuse to touch me, so I don't know the magic I will do to get pregnant. Or should I try else where??
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