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Monday, 16 January 2017

A blog reader, ThankGod, has reacted to the recent arrest of Pretty Mike for placing two girls on leash while stepping out for weddings on two different occasions.

ThankGod writes: Of Pretty Mike, His Chains And Two Others

Pretty Mike, Fela and Charley Boy.

ALWAYS, there must be a source of reckless entertainment stemming from either the carelessness of a government official or a leakage from the brain of the President or jokes that are full of 'funny' and subs that germinate per second per second or just something to keep Nigerians laughing while they wait for another joke or seriousness.

It could be story of a governor who travelled by wheel barrow to the USA to buy tea-cup for his Mother in-law or a Senator who asked Students the course they were 'doing' or a teacher flogging a student for not paying tuition and asking the child to tell his Parents to do MMM or something about a secondary school teacher who marks a student wrong for saying economics is a science because She said so.

Days ago, photographs of Pretty Mike who graced events with two chained masked girls floated around the cyber space, and Pretty Mike parades them like chained Dogs strolling with their owners. And while some Persons laughed at the drama, some were pissed by such as they perceived it as humiliation. But whatever that was, the alarm raised by People brought this to the attention of the Lagos State government who made Pretty Mike to sign some documents restraining him from daring such again.

Was Pretty Mike guilty? He wasn't sued to ascertain that and besides the girls in question never complained about their choice of dehumanization. They were only bothered that People might ridicule them, hence, they wore masks. Definitely, they were paid by Pretty Mike for what they do for him.

What bothers me is this, did the government try to ascertain if the girls were sane enough in order to be sure they needed no psychological help and maybe some form of rehabilitation?

Did the government that snatched them from the hands of their employer provide an alternative job or training for them? Or was the so called legal documents Pretty Mike signed the only solution there is to that quagmire? Tell me.

How about Fela who popularized women dancing in cages? The other Ladies that stand by Charley Boy's sides nko?
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