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Saturday, 21 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Can't stop reading your messages.. Well my problem has to do with my lowering self esteem.. I have to point out the fact that I have been single for 4 years and it's freaking me out.. Note I am not single cause I want to or cause I haven't found the right girl.. But every girl I tend to fall for ends up falling in and then our with me.. I am a good looking boy.. I may have character flaws but trust me I have friends who have no problem in pointing those flaws So I find it very easy to adjust and correct those flaws.. I repeat that I am good looking.. I am 20 years.. Pretty young I know.. But I feel kinda inferior to my peers.. I've caught flings.. Even had make out sessions with different girls..but every time I want to get serious.. These girls seem to want to not get serious.. Like.. None of them want to be in a relationship.. I'm tired of the flings and one night stands.. I want something real.. I need y'all to advice me on what to do.. Cause I'm Beginning to feel I'm not good enough.. I can't even walk up or talk to girls no more.. I need to have your insights on what I'm doing wrong..
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