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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I am 22 years old in my final year, have been in a relationship with someone i can call my better half, my right man, my all in all and every good thing thats comes to your mind right now. Actually met him here in my school, but my elder sister whom i stay with in school never liked him at all, she barely greet him when his around to see me. Her reason is what i don't know till this moment as she's not willing to tell me. Although, I can remember a day my boyfriend came to visit me, she wanted me to do something for her, and i told her to chill till my boyfriend leaves and if she can't she should go ahead and do it her self as shes fond of taking me away from him with one chores or the other. Yes, i know what i did was wrong and i apologized to her immediately i realized have done something terrible. She claimed to have accepted my apologies but i don't believe she did whole heatedly because she seems to have been using it against my relationship that i damned her for a guy. i have asked her million times but she has refuse to talk, i tried to find out if they ever come in contact probably before i met him but i realized they haven't in any way. Something in my mind is telling me She's jealous of me as my guy won't stop getting me stuffs and money whenever i need it. I may be wrong about d jealousy though. She went ahead and tell our parent terrible things about him, though dad doesn't seems to believe her but you know woman na, i think her fake gist got to mum already as she kept telling me she will not consent my relationship with my boyfriend. Dear readers, i need your sincere advice, do you think my sister is been jealous of me or my judgment is clouded because am in love? Let me not forget to add this, she always share from the gift or money my guy gave me even when she knows is from him.
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