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Thursday, 19 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I met a guy online and we started talking for about a month before we finally saw. i feel in love with him even before we met. i had this strong connection with him. he told me somethings about his life including the fact that he limbs while walking but i dint really think it was bad because the pictures of him i saw didn't reflect the real leg. one leg is shorter than the other as a result of polio he had when he was a kid. anyway his good personality made me overlook the leg though i use to feel ashamed before but over time, i have gotten use to it. after sometime he visited my parents and when my parents saw him, my mum called me into the room and started crying that why do i want to make her a laughing stock among her friends that out of all the men in this world,i brought someone with a deformed leg. that do i know the shame i will go through if i marry him. I told her i love the guy and that the accident that affected his leg would have happened to anyone and that i cant disqualify him just because of something that he had no power over when he has every other quality i look out for in a man. she answered me that if i was the one with such a leg, he wouldnt have wanted to marry me. that it is better he married someone with a disability too so that both of them can understand each other because according to her, those with physical deformities always have esteem issues and that will affect the relationship. well, i feel very bad right now. he is such a perfect guy except for the leg deformity, he walks around well and even drives a car. has a good career and good character. should i accept my mothers advise and break up with him or should i continue his relationship. please i need advise from people who have had similar concerns.
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